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The Story Behind In Real Life

We face numerous problems in our world today. The whole of humanity suffers from COVID-19, poverty, social isolation, misunderstandings, depression, and fears. In times of distress, caring is the only way for us to survive and create a better future. We must care for the planet we share, for humanity, and for our future… now!

Amidst our hectic lives as Scientists, Educators, Students, Artists, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs, we initiated In Real Life to showcase our genuine concern to the world. We want to demonstrate that in real life, we care!

For instance, we can share photos of our paintings (ARTS) with our parents, loved ones, and friends, illustrating our care and compassion. Additionally, we plan to “translate” recent science research articles (SCIENCE) to make them easier to understand for more people. Furthermore, we offer tips on addressing the challenges we encounter during this pandemic and in other areas of our lives (INNOVATIONS).

Join us on this journey as we share our thoughts on Art, Science, and Innovation for our nation. Follow us and be a part of this collective endeavor.

"Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun!"


Featured Artworks

embracing diversity painting

Embracing Diversity

Joyce A. Ibana, Ph.D.

We all contribute to the value of the whole tapestry of our lives together. Perhaps we can attain unity, joy, and peace when we learn to embrace and appreciate our differences with loving kindness.

Pumailanlang Perlas ng Silanganan

Pumailanlang Perlas ng Silanganan

Immunopharmacology Research Laboratory
Ang ‘parol’ na ito ay aming buong pusong ihinahandog para sa mga alaala ng makabuluhang buhay ni Dr. Edgardo Gomez.
Para sa ‘ama’ ng Institusyon ng Agham Pandagat (Marine Science Institute), na kung saan, marami ang nahubog na mga isip sa larangan ng Agham, at nagyabong ang mga puso sa pag-aalay ng talino para sa ating Inang Bayan.
Sa tulong niya, marami ang mga nakapaglayag sa malawakang pagsasaliksik para sa ikabubuti ng ating mga karagatan.
At higit sa lahat, marami rin ang mga pumailanlang sa pagtahak ng buhay na daladala sa isip at puso ang kabutihang aral, pag-mamahal, at pag-mamalasakit na ipinakita ng buhay ni Dr. Edgardo Gomez.
Maraming Salamat, Sir Ed, Maraming Salamat!
Nilikha ng mga estudyante ng Immunopharmacology Research Laboratory, Institute of Biology, UP Diliman. (Giann Dellosa, Janina Guarte, Paula Ingalla, Rondolf Nebreja, Richard Guino-o at Ingrid Puentespina) mula sa mga lumang karton, dyaryo, at iba-ibang uri ng plastik na basura).

A Farewell to the Simple Beauty of A Flower

Joyce A. Ibana, Ph.D.

I have always admired the exquisite beauty of flowers.

When I was a child, I stared at them, smelled them – them roses, daisies, sampaguita, rosals…

I even waited for them to bloom in the middle of the night, and watched them fade away before dawn.

But forty something years later, they have ceased to be simply flowers.

They have become overwhelming sources of wonder.

I can no longer sit in silence admiring their beauty without questioning – why, how, what made them bloom, and what happens after?

Ah! The curse of becoming a Scientist –

Although in my eyes, flowers have maintained their beauty, they have lost their simplicity.

Protect Polar Bears
IgM Antibody Christmas Lantern

Immunopharmacology Research Laboratory

When we were asked to make a lantern for the holiday season with the theme “Biodiversity”, this is what we came up with.

“Protect Polar Bears” is an expression of protest against climate change and declining biodiversity.
The design is based on the structure of a pentameric IgM antibody and a polar bear on a melting iceberg that we made out of used cardboard boxes and lids of 96-well ELISA plates.
Immunopharmacology Research Laboratory

In 2018, the IRL team copyrighted Science-Art designs for daily merchandise to promote science advocacy and communicate critical scientific findings that can impact public health. A collection of designs and merchandise has been prototyped and is ready for production. In 2022, a trademark for these products was registered and certified by IPOPHL as “Real Data Arts,” an innovative and integrative science and arts venture of the Immunopharmacology Research Laboratory (IRL), Institute of Biology at the College of Science.


The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the need for rapid translation and communication of science and technology to address the needs of our society. IRL recognizes that inadequacies in science communication could exaggerate fears and delay the implementation of public health programs and modern agricultural biotechnologies. Additionally, the economic fallout brought about by the quarantine restrictions resulted in fewer job opportunities and markets for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Through Real Data Arts, we used Science-Art designs to make marketable merchandise. We will study the value chain and marketability of Real Data Arts products for entrepreneurship by capitalizing on the artistic inclinations of scientists to promote public awareness of various social issues in our country.


Real Data Arts produces science campaign materials and marketable items featuring figures and images of actual data generated from laboratory experiments and art-related materials made by scientists, filling a gap in the market for science-related designs on merchandise.

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