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Dr. Ivan Imperial receives the Most Outstanding PhD Graduate and Most Outstanding PhD Dissertation Awards from the Institute of Biology

Dr. Ivan Imperial’s dissertation is entitled “Impacts of Antibiotic Growth Promoters in Poultry Farming and the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance Genes.”

You can learn more about his dissertation and related research work by clicking on the links below.

Featured Research Work

Featured Publication – Emergence of resistance genes in fecal samples of antibiotic-treated Philippine broilers emphasizes the need to review local farming practices

Poultry industry gross output value has been steadily increasing in the Philippines (Statista, 2021). Among the regions, Central Luzon has the highest total chicken inventory with 26.98 million birds (PSA, 2021). A leading producer in the region is the province of Pampanga, with 164.48 thousand metric tons of chickens a year (Mapa, 2021). Nevertheless, accompanying the rise in poultry production is the challenge of maintaining an environmentally sound and ecologically sustainable means of the industry.

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