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Troyss Pilapil's CareGoEMR is one of the winners in World Health Organization's 2022 Innovation Challenge

Ernest Troyss B. Pilapil, CEO and Co-founder of CP Health Innovations Inc., is selected as one of the winners of World Health Organization’s Western Pacific Innovation Challenge.

CareGoEMR by CP Health Innovations Inc. is a vaccination management and SMS nudge system.

Based on the developers’ experience, despite having free public health services, the community is not fully engaged due to inefficient health records management and a lack of public awareness.

CareGoEMR allows health workers to scan, automatically enroll qualified participants in health programs, and invite them through personalized SMS messaging.

By streamlining the communication chain from general local announcements and word-of-mouth to SMS nudging, more than 1000 participants were brought to vaccination programs using measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccines to prevent measles outbreaks in partner municipalities.

Through the solution, health workers also noted a generally improved health-seeking behavior developed by the community, making their work easier and more efficient.

Click here to read the article on WHO’s website. 

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