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"Together, Everyone Achieves More."

-IRL's Motto

We will build on the outcomes of our first successful laboratory, the Immunopharmacology Research Laboratory, founded in 2014, which has produced Ph.D. and Master of Science graduates who are now productive members of our scientific community. To date, in addition to conventional academic outputs such as book chapters and scientific publications, we have also developed early-stage technologies and copyrighted artworks that address real-world problems.

Student Achievements


  • Most Outstanding MS Graduate (IB)
    – Malem Flores
  • 3rd Place, Best Research (Poster), 42nd Philippine Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Convention
    – Michael Angelo Nicdao
  • International Award – Best Research (Poster), 19th Biological Sciences Research Congress, NUS, Singapore
    – Michael Angelo Nicdao


  • Most Outstanding MS Graduate (IB)
    – Sandra Jelyn Cutay
  • Best MS Thesis (IB)
    – Sandra Jelyn Cutay



  • PAASE: Rapid Fire Poster Competition during the PAASE 2018 – Giann Dellosa
  • Outstanding PhD Student (IB) – Fredmoore Orosco
  • Best PhD Dissertation (IB) – Fredmoore Orosco
  • Most Outstanding Graduate Student (CS) – Fredmoore Orosco
  • Most Outstanding MS Student (IB) – Francis Fontanilla
  • Best MS Thesis (IB) – Francis Fontanilla
  • Young Pinoy Innovator Grantee, PCIEERD – Janina Guarte


Our Graduates

Malem Flores, PhD

MS Microbiology, Class of 2015

Malem finished her PhD in Pharmacology and Microbiology from the Università degli Studi di Brescia.

John Clyde Co Soriano, PhD

BS Biology, Class of 2015

Clyde is a Bioinformatics Scientist at H.U. Group Holdings, Inc. developing novel diagnostic technologies.

Sandra Jelyn Cutay-Imperial

MS Microbiology, Class of 2016

Microbiologist turned owner of her own Digital Marketing Agency, Sandra proudly designed and developed IRL’s website, which you’re reading right now.

Michael Jonathan Palad, MD

BS Biology, Class of 2016

Mike now serves as a medical officer under the Quezon City Health Department, providing primary health care at local health centers.

Bernard Dominic Magan

BS Biology, Class of 2016

Dominic is currently pursuing MS Molecular Medicine at St. Luke’s Medical Center College of Medicine – William H. Qasha Memorial and is working as a Technical Assistant at the Molecular Immunology Laboratory of the same institution.

Edjohn Aaron Macauyag, PhD

MS Microbiology, Class of 2017

Aaron is currently the Lead Scientist in the Synthetic Biology Team of the Integrated Protein R&D Center, focused on local enzyme production, and an ambassador for, promoting equitable access to biotechnology.

Carl Adrian Roma, MD

BS Biology, Class of 2017

Glenmarie Angelica Perias

BS Biology, Class of 2017

Lyka is a curious bio major turned MD-PhD student and clinical clerk interested in women’s health, immunology, and neuroscience.

Remo Vittorio
Thaddeus Abella, MD

BS Biology, Class of 2017

Remo is presently in a Straight Urology Program at the National Kidney Transplant Institute. He’s a Dachshund aficionado, a beach enjoyer, and hates loose change.

Vincent Alejandro

BS Information Technology, Class of 2017

Vince is a Laboratory Assistant turned IT Professional under Project management, handling multiple IT projects.

Fredmoore Orosco, PhD

PhD Biology, Class of 2018

Fred is currently pursuing his passion for pathogenic viruses as a Research Fellow at the Virology Institute of the Philippines.

Francis Fontanilla

MS Biology, Class of 2018

Then: Looked at host-pathogen interaction. Now: Still looking at host-pathogen interaction.

Francis is currently a PhD in Immunology, Pathology, and Infectious Diseases candidate at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Jean Phillippe Ambata

BS Biology, Class of 2019

Jean recently graduated from Medicine and now wishes to go by this title: “ang bombastic pogi ng IRL.”

Justine Karl Patrick Dantes

BS Biology, Class of 2019

Justine is currently finishing his Medical Degree at the UP College of Medicine without compromising his lifestyle as a weeb.

Ronald Lanze Malicse

BS Biology, Class of 2019

Lanze is a full-time cinephile who works as a post-graduate medical intern at the Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center during his free time.

Giann Dellosa

MS Biology, Class of 2019

Michael Angelo Nicdao, PhD

PhD Biology, Class of 2020

Michael is an Associate Professor of Microbiology who focuses on community development through integrative research, extension, and capacity building.

Ingrid Puentespina

BS Food Technology,
Class of 2020

Ingrid is a graduate of Food technology interested in producing novel, high-quality, safe, and competitive food products, highlighting the best of local skills and produce.

Beatrice Hope Reyes

BS Biology, Class of 2020

Janina Guarte

MS Microbiology, Class of 2020

Janina is an MS Microbiology graduate captivated by the spheres of probiotics, fermented foods, and functional foods.

Celle Elijah Bernardine Lo

BS Biology,
Class of 2022

The mitochondrion is the powerhouse of the Celle, and she hopes it will get her through medical school.

Juris Justin Tovera

BS Biology,
Class of 2022

Kyra Kim Justiniano

BS Biology,
Class of 2022

Ernest Troyss Pilapil

MS Microbiology,
Class of 2023

Troyss is an award-winning startup founder who is making healthcare more efficient and comprehensive for Filipinos.

Ivan Christian Imperial, MD, PhD

PhD Biology, Class of 2023

Ivan is a physician-scientist who advocates integrative learning, evidence-based medicine, and holistic primary health care.

Current Members

Joyce Ibana

Joyce Ibana, PhD

Senior Principal Investigator
Professor 6

Ivan Imperial

Ivan Christian Imperial, MD, PhD

Junior Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor 5

Maria Cristina Macabulos, MD, DPASMAP

MS Microbiology Student

Daniel Jose Ombao

MS Microbiology Student

Maevel Romero

MS Microbiology Student

Paul Christian Gloria

MS Microbiology Student

Paula Camille Ingala

MS Microbiology Student

Richard Robert Guino-o

MS Microbiology Student

Rondolf Nebreja

MS Biology Student

Rose Adelaide Marie Fortuno

BS Biology Student

Sean Francis Mutuc

BS Biology Student

Meet our Head and Founder

I observe, investigate, paint, and write about our natural world.

As a Scientist-Artist, I use innovative educational tools to help nurture the next generation of Scientists, Educators, and Innovators in the Philippines.

-Joyce A. Ibana
PhD in Immunology and Microbiology
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