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"Capitalizing on microbial interactions for improving shelf life and gut-healt benefits of Carabao's milk product (NICE4GUT)"

Janina Guarte is recognized as one of DOST-PCIEERD’s Young Pinoy Innovators for 2018.

There has been a growing demand for carabao milk as it provides additional nourishment, especially to young children. However, its storage and transportation to rural communities have been difficult, as milk requires refrigeration to maintain its freshness. 

Janina Guarte and her mentor, Dr. Joyce A. Ibana of UP Diliman’s Institute of Biology, are determined to address the problem by developing a method to process carabao milk using a combination of microorganisms to increase its shelf life. The product will have the benefits of a probiotic drink and milk’s nutritional value.

The invention aims to deliver an alternative to commercially available aged cheese products. By utilizing carabao’s milk and probiotics, the invention also aims to add value to the Philippine carabao industry by providing nutritious food with potential health benefits. As the cheese prolongs the shelf life of carabao’s milk, it also acts as a vehicle for consuming beneficial gut-health microorganisms.

Click here to read the article on DOST-PCIEERD’s website.

About the Awardee:

Janina Guarte is a passionate person who is willing to go past her limits to make things happen. She aims to get the job done regardless of whether she is working with like-minded people or team members with different personalities.

She recently graduated from M.S. Microbiology at the Institute of Biology, UP Diliman. Her interests are research and development in the fields of immunobiology, microbiology, and biotechnology.

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